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Current Sports in Play Right Now: NFL, NBA, CBB, NHL - +$36,019 Combined Profits YTD! Matt is coming off a PERFECT 2-0 NFL Championship Sunday and he is on a 21-6-3 NFL Run after a SWEET 11-1 Profit Haul the last few weeks! Super Bowl Winner posted soon! College Hoops is now 71-49-4 +$17,619 YTD after a 9-1-1 3-Day Run! NHL is 81-44 (66%) +$24,829 YTD and the winning won't stop!

Fargo's All Sports Subscription Package
The NFL is winding down and NHL, CBB and NBA are all off and running! Get every play in every sport through the NBA Finals starting RIGHT NOW!​ SIX MONTHS of WINNERS!​


Whether you are looking for one pick today or everything for a month, I have what you are looking for. I will customize any package for any sport for any length of time to fit your needs, just contact me and we will create the package just for you. 

Currently #2 in the World in both College Basketball and the NHL. All plays fully documented at Sports Watch Monitor. Click here for all of the rankings:

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With over 16 years of sports handicapping experience, my analysis, information and expert picks give you what you want.... winners! I’m not here claiming to be undefeated over the last 10 years and I’m not going to fill your head with any useless inside information, because it doesn't exist. I do my homework plain and simple and come up with the plays that give us the best chance of winning. When you win, we win.

Current Streaks      > 13-4-1 3-Day Run          > 21-6-3 NFL Run          > CBB 71-49-4 +$17,619 YTD         > NHL 81-44 +$24,829 YTD